Homeschooling – A+ journey from infant to graduate

Homecoming is something I thought about more than i can remember… but truly being here living a life with old friends, new friends and family around does have its good vibes.

May 2021 Moonlight Graduates

Crazy how quickly life goes by when you’re busy raising your children: homeschooling, molding their minds to enter the world as a valuable member of society.

You sometimes stop and glance at that young lady wondering what God has planned for their future. What career will they gifted to fulfill, what will they thinkof how you raised them, will they want to have their own family, will they choose God? These questions can fill your mind on lonely nights, as you sit in the livingroom reading a book while your young children sleep or the first time they drive a car to some independent event.

Moonlight celebrates the achievements

I have still remember that first week with a newborn, trying to…i guess figure out, if she was asleep, breathing and ok. It’s alot of pressure to make sure your child is safe, loved and happy. This was one thing I never feared… She was a happy baby with lots of love and smiles to give. She was always the first to run you around room loving time spent with our dog. I remember many moments of those curious eyes looking to me to explain jesus, read her another story or just sing a song. Moonlight has always been my sunshine on a cloudy day, something I look forward to starting my day with. From cooking, to baking to a too ride a bike, and then onto letters, numbers, animals and even bible characters; we’ve learned about all those and more throughout her 17 years of education. We’ve cried, been frustrated, overcome disabilities and found ways to manage our fears/ anxiety. Each and every leaf that she turned over was a new lesson in being who she was meant to be: Moonlight. I have that say that we went round and round with names but the one that stuck really does fit her to a T. She is unique, sweet, God’s promise, and even her smile can bring a peace over you.

Now here’s the difficult part of being a parent… you want your children to succeed in whatever they do. Unfortunately, I have learned over the years that it’s all up to God. He’s in control at all times, even when you are amidst a trial and struggling; you’re probably wondering why this is important. Although, I’d loveto say that we always knew she would do great things. This is not true, at all! She was diagnosed with Autism in 7th grade and were struggled with who she would be, would she be independent, have a family or live with us for the nearest future? I had to die to the person i had imagined her to become and instead embrace who she was right there. I have to admit that wasn’t easy, but with the help of friends, family and counselor we were able to take of those concerns/ habits/ questions before seeing who she is… deep down inside- that inquisitive child and loved her songs, stories and imagination waiting to climb that next mountain to see what’s on the other side.

Family members rejoice in her success

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